Regulatory Consulting offers ongoing technical and regulatory services, consulting and assistance to banks, investment firms, asset management and real estate companies, financial intermediaries, pension funds, as well as insurance companies. We focus particularly on the interpretation and enforcement of banking and financial legislation and regulations, consisting specifically of the following:

  • the review and revision of internal regulations and procedures manuals
  • the review of operational processes and internal procedures
  • the review and preparation of contracts
  • the assessment of operating models of compliance
  • the analysis of regulatory definitions relating to operations and new financial products.

The activities that Regulatory Consulting undertakes in the preparation and/or revision of organizational models (“Model 231”) in companies and institutions that decide to adhere to the rules set out in the decree 231/01 are also included in this area.

Special Investigations

Regulatory Consulting can carry out targeted checks in order to establish potential risks for a financial intermediary as a whole or a certain line of its business, with particular attention paid to the rules relevant to compliance, established by the regulatory authorities.

Naturally, this type of activity is often requested in the context of acquisition procedures that target the actual subject to be investigated or in certain business or operational areas to check that  staff act properly. To this end, a set of procedures and methods have been developed by Regulatory Consulting, which also include carrying out on-site inspections and simulated audits. These policies include our service of regulatory assessment which allows companies to evaluate themselves and is carried out with the assessment limitations of an inspection team from the Supervisory Authority, taking into account both the specific characteristics of the company’s business and the current complex regulations on the subject.

Regulatory Consulting also provides assistance to banks and financial intermediaries in the conducting of audits of financial sales networks by applying its own methodology.

Internal control

Regulatory Consulting specializes in providing all the necessary services that allow banking and financial intermediaries to carry out the internal checks required by sector regulations. In particular, on an ongoing basis, we act as an outsourcer for these intermediaries in relation to typical verification activities for internal auditing, compliance and risk management as well as in the context of anti-money laundering.

In more complex contexts, Regulatory Consulting offers support to internal activities through partial outsourcing (co-sourcing) or sub-outsourcing.

Forensic & Legal

Regulatory Consulting assists and supports its customers in dealing with critical situations and disputes in a judicial context.

The organisation and preparation of technical consultancy, both when ordered by a judicial authority or at the express request of the parties involved in a dispute, involves the drafting of documentation relating to, for example, the analysis of banking relationships, the identification of irregularities in customer relations, accounting and balance sheet analysis, recalculation of depreciation/amortisation schedules, identification of illegal activity (such as usury, insider trading, illegal conduct, false accounting, bankruptcy, etc.).

The support we offer in the preparation of responses to inspection findings, disciplinary procedures and letters outlining current business situations is provided with specific reference to technical and organisational aspects as well as internal control.

In critical situations, Regulatory Consulting assists companies in need with accurate analysis of its business situation and the development of recovery plans in accordance with art. 67, paragraph 3, letter. d) of the Bankruptcy Law.

In the event of bankruptcy proceedings, advice and assistance is provided in the preparation of applications for procedure admission, with particular regard to arrangement applications pursuant to the Bankruptcy Law, as well as to rescheduling debt arrangements.

In the context of the aforementioned critical situations and insolvency procedures, professional certification activities are also carried out.

Finally, the Regulatory Consulting team can assist the legal authorities and procedures put in place by the Supervisory Authority.