Regulatory Consulting provides its Clients with extensive expertise in the areas of IT Audit, Information Security, IT Governance and Business Continuity through its highly experienced staff and the application of best practices and international standards.

In the light of the recent regulations issued by the supervisory authorities concerning information systems and business continuity, these areas have become more important for banking intermediaries and pension funds.

The services offered by Regulatory Consulting focus on:

  • verifying and assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control infrastructure put in place to protect information systems;
  • identifying any risks related to the governance and management processes of the information systems deriving from deficiencies in the control infrastructure;
  • carrying out a gap analysis compared to international best practices;
  • identifying corrective actions to be implemented to achieve a level of control that is appropriate to the needs of the business;
  • defining and implementing contingency plans to ensure disaster management and business continuity;
  • supporting the auditor in performing IT General Controls within the scope of the financial audit, for the purpose of identifying and assessing the risks of significant errors (in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing ISA 315).