Regulatory Consulting performs targeted investigations to check the potential risks of a financial intermediary as a whole or of one of its business units, with particular regard to areas relevant to compliance with the rules and requirements established by the Supervisory Authorities, such as:

  • regulatory assessments and due diligence
  • audits on the correct management of specific transactions or operating sectors
  • checks on the correct application of anti-money laundering legislation
  • audits of financial adviser networks

Very often, this type of service is required during an acquisition in which the target entity is the subject of the investigation, or in certain business areas and operational sectors to verify the accuracy of the work performed by employees. Regulatory Consulting has developed a set of investigative procedures and methodologies for this purpose, which include on-site visits and simulated inspections.

This includes the “regulatory assessment” service intended to allow companies to carry out a self-assessment using the assessment parameters of an inspection team from the Supervisory Authorities and considering not only specific characteristics of the company’s business but also all applicable regulatory legislation.

Correctly applying anti-money laundering regulations is becoming increasingly important. Regulatory Consulting assists its clients in assessing the controls in place for the know your customer (KYC) verification processes, in checking the procedures for entering data into the Centralised Computer Archive (AUI), and in defining a proper procedure for reporting suspicious transactions. It also provides the compulsory training required by law.

Assistance is also provided to banks and financial intermediaries in carrying out inspections of financial adviser networks, applying its own specially developed methodology.