Regulatory Consulting assists and supports its clients in handling crisis situations and legal disputes by providing

  • Technical expert services under order of a judicial authority or at the request of a party to the dispute
  • Support in preparing counter-claims and remediation plans in connection with sanctions

Technical expert services, whether by order of the Judicial Authorities or at the request of the parties involved in a dispute, include preparing technical and expert reports relating to, for example, the analysis of banking relationships, the identification of irregularities in customer relations, accounting and financial analyses, recalculation of amortisation schedules, identification of illegal activities (such as usury, insider trading, illegal conduct, fraudulent accounting, and bankruptcy).

Support in preparing responses to inspection findings, sanctioning procedures and letters regarding the company’s situation is provided specifically regarding technical and organisational aspects and internal control.

Finally, Regulatory Consulting assists the Judicial Authority and with the administrative procedures ordered by the Supervisory Authorities.