Regulatory Consulting provides ongoing technical and regulatory assistance and consultancy services and project management to banks, investment firms, asset managers (securities and property), payment institutions, financial intermediaries, pension funds, and insurance companies. These services include:

  • gap analyses and drafting of project master plans to comply with sustainable finance (ESG) standards and industry regulations for financial intermediaries and pension funds (IORP II)
  • drafting and revising internal regulations, policies, procedure manuals and the organisational model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231
  • review and assessment of processes and operational risks
  • review and drafting of contracts
  • compliance analysis of operating models and new financial products
  • support for authorisation to provide services

This activity mainly concerns the interpretation and application of banking, financial and pension fund regulations and comprises the review and preparation of internal regulations, policies and procedures manual, identifying regulatory and organisational gaps and drawing up a project master plan and corrective actions, in agreement with management and the organisational units involved.

This includes the activities that Regulatory Consulting performs to draft and/or update the Organisational Model (known as Model 231) adopted by companies and entities pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

Along with the internal procedures, operational processes and established company practices may also be subject to review and assessment.

Such analyses aim to identify process inefficiencies and operational risks, and to prepare the corresponding mitigation plans and the actions and measures to be taken to address any deficiencies.

Consulting services also include contract reviews, compliance analysis of operating models and new financial products

Regulatory Consulting provides support during the authorisation phase for the provision of services to newly established intermediaries.

This includes assistance in drafting the initial activity programme, identifying the most appropriate organisational solutions and the subsequent preparation of the organisational structure report, preparing the business plan and, ultimately, drafting new policies, procedures and regulations related to company processes and products.

Regulatory Consulting also provides regulatory advisory services to financial intermediaries and pension funds.