Michela Vanetti

Chartered Accountant and Auditor

After graduating with a degree in Economics and Business from Cattolica University in Milan, Michela worked as an auditor and consultant for several manufacturing and trading companies. From 1996 to 2000 she was the head of the Consolidated Financial Statements for Italy and then head of Budget & Reporting for the Italian Business Unit of Johnson Controls Automotive.

From 2000 to 2016, Michela held several senior manager-level roles during her time with the Telecom Italia Group (Head of Credit Policy for the Telecom Italia Group, Head of Governance of Customer Operations for the Consumer area of TIM, Head of Operational Control for South America for the Purchasing and Logistics area, Head of TV Production and Purchasing for the “LA7” Network, Head of Procurement and General Services for the group’s Internet Division, Head of Accounting, Credit and Customer Operations for Telecom Italia-Seat Pagine Gialle Group’s internet division, Head of M&A for Telecom Italia-Seat Pagine Gialle Group’s internet division).

Since 2017 she has worked as Senior Advisor and project leader at an innovative artificial intelligence start-up, and at a leading insurance broker. She joined Regulatory Consulting in 2020 where she is involved in business development, operations, and works as a senior project manager and consultant for financial intermediaries and pension funds.