Alain De Cristofaris


A computer engineer, Alain completed a master’s course in Information Security – “Information System Management: managerial, legal and technological aspects “. He is a member of the Board of Directors of ANSSAIF – Associazione Nazionale Specialisti di Sicurezza in Aziende di Intermediazione Finanziaria (National Association of Security Specialists in Financial Intermediation Companies).

He has over twenty years of experience in Information Security, IT Governance, Audit and Compliance, where he has worked to ensure optimal levels of IT governance, as well as providing support and guidance on assessing internal control and risk management systems. He has held various senior management positions in Risk Management, Compliance and Audit in financial intermediation companies, as well as leading and coordinating several Security and Compliance projects at leading Italian banking institutions.

He has provided management consulting and specialised training in the credit and financial sector, with a focus on issues related to IT security and compliance with international regulations and standards. Alain has been head of IT Audit services at Regulatory Consulting since 2009, leading numerous IT Security (risk and vulnerability management) and Information Systems Auditing projects.